November 13th, 2013
Eléonore de Montesquiou

Filmmakers’ Choice
presented by Eléonore de Montesquiou

NAPOLEON by Abel Gance
Monday, November 18, 07:15 pm Cinema 2

“There must be enthusiasm, and it must be communicated like a flame—the cinema is a flame in the shadows. … Napoleon is Prometheus. I’m not thinking here of morality or of politics, but of art,” Abel Gance wrote in 1927 for the program accompanying the first screening of NAPOLEON (F 1927). He said that in general his approach was “To make the spectator become an actor; to involve him at every level in the unfolding of the action; to sweep him away on the flow of the pictures.” For this, he found a cinematic language that included the superimposition of images, Polyvision using a triple screen. He started shooting NAPOLEON in 1925. It accompanied him his whole life – unfinished and shortened several times.

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