Scenografi, shot in Berlin, partly on 16 mm, follows the construction of a set design in wood, inspired by the typical kind of rudimentary cartoons you find in the margin of newspapers or crossword magazines. Along with the construction and deconstruction, the Scenografi of wood becomes an arena for performances, dinners, friendly meetings, arguments, tears, nudity and general decadence, including interference from invited and uninvited guests such as: Tobias Bernstrup, Saralunden, SNOWP, Körner Union, Michael Portnoy and the Sect of Wood.

Annika Larsson (b. 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden) is an artist based in Berlin and New York. Her interest lies in rules, control and suggestion. Her films, often repetitive and with a slowed down tempo, has a strong focus on gestures and the gaze. Her works have been widely shown internationally, at institutions including Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel; Fundacion la Caixa, Barcelona; Le Magasin, Grenoble; Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Nürnberg; ICA-Institute of Contemporary Art, London; ZKM,Karlsruhe; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; S.M.A.K., Gent and Musac, Lyon. She has participated in biennials such as 49th Venice Biennial, 8th Istanbul Biennial and 6th Shanghai Biennial among others.

Annika Larsson’s web site: www.annikalarsson.com

Samuel Nyholm
is graphic designer and illustrator. He works with the design group Reala in Stockholm, the New Print International Publishing in London and as graphic design teacher at ECAL in Lausanne.
Samuel Nyholm’s web site: www.sany.dk

: 2010 Stockholm Diaries, Steen & Ström, Oslo, Norway | 2009 Scenografi, Cosmic Galerie, Paris, France | 2009 12 konstnärer 23 filmer, Borås Konstmuseum, Borås, Sweden | 2009 Scenografi, 1m3, Lausanne, Switzerland | 2009 Scenografi, Corner College, Zürich, Switzerland | 2009 Scenografi, Bastard, Stockholm | 2009 Borås Konstmuseum c/o Röhsska Museet, Göteborgs Internationella Filmfestival, Göteborg | 2008 Videoart at Midnight, Babylon, Berlin, Germany

Artist book in connection to the film: The book, made together with Nazareno Crea, consists of outtakes from the film, transcripts of dialogue and documentation of the process. In total 162 pages b/w offset, hand binded with analogue interventions. It’s published by New Print International Publisher in collaboration with Nieves Books (CH).

Annika Larsson & Samuel Nyholm
DV video shot on 16mm & DV
61 min
Aspect Ratio
Black and White
Stereo Sound
40 (+10 artist’s proofs)
The box contains
1 archival copy: ProRes 422 HQ file on Blu-ray
1 exhibition copy: DV video on DVD
1 exhibition/screening copy: DV video (MP4/H.264) on USB Flash drive
1 certificate of authenticity
1 still photo

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