Each edition box includes one single art work:

1 archival copy
ProRes 422 HQ file on Blu-ray

1 exhibition copy
HD video on Blu-Ray/ DV video on DVD

1 viewing copy
HD/DV video (H.264) on USB Flash drive

1 certificate of authenticity

1 still photo

Excerpt from the included certificate of authenticity:

With the purchase of the work, the owner obtains the rights to use and/or present the work in private and in house settings.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the undersigned hereby grants the owner of the work a non-exclusive license to present the work to the public for educational purposes and/or purposes directly associated with a presentation of the owner’s collection.

Any other uses and/or presentations of the work, including without limitation any uses and/or presentations for commercial purposes (e.g. renting to other institutions and/or persons or broadcasting) in part or whole are prohibited.

The owner is not allowed to adapt, modify or otherwise change the work, shorten it or use in extracts.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the owner may make one backup copy of the work for safety purposes and may produce excerpted still images from the work for documentation purposes (e.g. documentation of the work in print and/or online catalogues of art works).

This work is the final version. The undersigned will not make alterations to the work nor allow alterations by others. Further the undersigned will not produce any more copies than specified above.

The undersigned hereby confirms the authenticity of the work and confirms that the work has been created by the undersigned in …..

The authenticity is only guaranteed in combination with this document.