Blu-ray disc for artist film  and video installation
Blu-ray disc offers HD video quality with a resolution of up to 1920×1080 and up to a 54 Mbit/sec bandwidth. Blu-ray discs are easy to handle. Blu-ray players are available in every electronic consumer market, they are as easy to operate as your DVD players, also for exhibition purposes – and they are cheap.

The DVD or Blu-ray disc is in addition to your exhibition/screening file (MP4/ h.264) on USB Flash drive.

Blu-ray discs for archival copy
Blu-ray Disc is the ideal, cost-effective, removable storage medium for the storage of data files also for you archival copy in ProRes 422 HQ quality.

Blu-Ray Disc Association says that Blu-ray Disc format is designed to stay relevant for at least 10 to 15 years. Several manufacturers and marketers claim that information written to BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (rewritable) discs will remain readable for 30 to 200 years. This is a long life-span in contemporary art! Please compare it with all your paintings on plastic foil or your installations with light bulbs or tubes.

Life expectancy of all data storage media is, however, notoriously difficult to calculate reliably. That’s why we recommend to make a safety copy of your archival copy on another media.

If you wish your archival copy in addition on another media (hard drive), please let us know when ordering.

Handle and store your Blu-ray disc with care
Always handle a Blu-ray disc by its outer edges, by the center hole or center-hub clamping area. Avoid flexing or dropping the disc or exposing it to direct sunlight, excessive cold, heat or humidity. Handle only when being used and do not eat, drink or smoke close by. Discs should be stored in your Videoart at Midnight Edition box to provide better protection against dust, debris, scratches, light and rapid humidity changes. Once placed in their box discs can be further protected by keeping them in a closed drawer or cabinet. For long-term storage situations it is prudent to follow manufacturer instructions and consult the various international standards for preserving optical media.